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Energy-Burning Fun Rainy Day Activities For Kids

At Pickerington Heating & Cooling, you know we’re all about keeping your AC and furnace running well at a fair price, as well as keeping your family comfortable and safe. But we have a fun side as well, and many of us have families with young children. So for a slightly different type of blog post, we present these ideas for a rainy day to BURN ENERGY rather than save it (for a change.

If you’re looking for some fun, indoor activities for kids, you’ve found the right place. Being stuck indoors on a rainy day shouldn’t stop you from getting the kids active and away from the electronics, while having fun. Here are 10 Energy Burning Fun Rainy day Activities for the Kids. These are guaranteed to have them bouncing off the couch (in a good way)!

  1. Animal Charades

Write dome some animal’s names on a piece of paper, fold them over and put them in a bowl. Everyone gets a turn to pick a slip and they have to do the actions or sounds of that animal until someone guesses which animal it is. You can even broaden the game and make it more than animals!

  1. Fort Making

Grab some blankets, chairs, and pillows and build your own fort! This is super easy to do and leaves the kids to get creative. Microwave some popcorn, grab some books and flashlights and go to town in your own fortress.

  1. Simon Says

Pick a leader and get them to come up with Simon says activities. For example, they could do 10 jumping jacks or hop for 1 minute. The leader must always say Simon Says before the activity of course! If they don’t, anyone who still does the activity is out of the game for the round. The last one left becomes the leader.

  1. Pillow Fight

Grab some pillows and have a good, old-fashioned, pillow fight!

  1. Indoor Hop-Scotch

Grab some tape and create your own indoor hop-scotch grid.

  • Use a beanbag or even rolled up socks to use to throw.
  • Each child must throw onto the grid starting with square one.
  • Then they hop to 10 and back again, avoiding the square the beanbag or rolled up socks are on, while picking It up on the way back.
  • The way is the first to complete all 10 squares!
  1. Jump Elastics

This old-school activity is a great indoor game, and can also be played by just one person by using the legs of two chairs to hold the elastic apart. You need a long length of elastic and follow the simple rhyme of: “Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, inside, outside, step on the rails!” Or you can make up your own rhyme!

  • For each country, you must jump over one line of elastic.
  • Inside: jump until both feet are inside the elastics.
  • Outside: place your feet on either side and jump
  • On the “rails:” place one foot on each piece of elastic

Keep raising it until you can no longer jump.

  1. Have a dance party!

Create your own playlist with your favorite songs.

Put the playlist on shuffle and go at it! You could even have dance competitions or battles. Or even try limbo dancing!

  1. Balloon Ball

Don’t let the balloon touch the ground! You can use a balloon for a variety of different things like volleyball or even balloon ping-pong. Just grab something, like a broom, to use as a net.

  1. Nerf Gun War

This one is especially fun for boys. Grab a couple Nerf guns, set up some forts and go to war!

  1. Indoor Obstacle Course

You can create an indoor obstacle course with plenty of climbing, hopping, crawling, jumping, or even falling on cushions. Let the kids have fun trying to beat each other’s times around the course!

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