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Furnace Installations – Upper Arlington, OH

A furnace makes an excellent heating system in our service area because of its power and comprehensiveness. Your furnace may run on electricity, gas, or propane, each of which makes an excellent heating solution for your entire home. We offer excellent furnace installation and replacement services throughout the Upper Arlington area.

As an insured and licensed company, our customers’ homes are fully protected. Call us today whether you need furnace installation or replacement.

What Type of Furnace is Right for You

If you’ve made up your mind that you want a new furnace in your home, then you need to figure out what type you want to have installed. There are three basic energy sources that your furnace can use to heat your home: gas, propane, and electricity. We can help guide you through the entire process when you contact Pickerington Heating & Cooling for service.

Let’s take a closer look at your options:

  • Gas: natural gas is a highly effective and energy-efficient source of energy for your heating system. We can provide comprehensive gas piping as well as the furnace itself.
  • Propane: if you don’t have a gas line hookup near your home, then you may want to opt for propane, which can be stored in a tank outside the home.
  • Electric: the conversion of electric to thermal energy is the cleanest possible energy source, but it may not be the most cost-effective. For homes that do not already have gas plumbing installed, electric furnaces make a viable option.

It’s absolutely critical that your furnace be installed by a professional heating technician. We’ll provide a detailed load calculation so we can find a furnace that is appropriately sized for your home and works within your budget.

Repair vs replace decision for Furnace

Reasons to Consider Furnace Replacement

If you already have a furnace, but it requires frequent repairs, or has become grossly inefficient at heating your home, then you may wish to consider furnace replacement. We can give you an honest evaluation of your existing furnace regarding whether you should continue repairs or replace it. We can then find you a new system that fits your home perfectly.

At Pickerington Heating & Cooling we Proudly offer American made heating and air condition equipment. Serving the Upper Arlington and Franklin County areas, our furnace experts offer quality installation and replacement services throughout the area.

If you suspect your system needs replacing, is failing, or you wish to explore the costs involved with purchase of a replacement A/C system, please contact Pickerington Heating & Cooling at 614-837-4026. Our offices are open 7:00 am to 9:00 pm weekdays; 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Saturday & Sunday; emergency air conditioner (A/C) service is available 24 Hr a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.