Heating & Cooling HVAC Maintenance Plans – Blacklick Ohio

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August 30, 2012
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August 30, 2012
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Heating & Cooling HVAC Maintenance Plans – Blacklick Ohio

The filters, the coils, fins, and hoses on an air conditioner unit must be kept in an optimal condition to help the whole unit run smoothly and without strain year-round, for the life of your home. Since the heating and cooling systems carry one of the largest replacement expenses of any mechanical equipment in a home, especially in the Blacklick area, it’s important to properly maintain it to protect your investment. We can help.

Heating Cooling HVAC Annual Maintenance Agreement in Reynoldsburg OH

Just as doctors encourage yearly physical exams, many heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) manufacturers suggest periodic HVAC checkups to ensure your system is running properly. Preventive maintenance will extend the life of your unit and save you money.

With a Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA), offered for an annual fee from Pickerington Heating & Cooling, a technician will visit your home to test and inspect your HVAC system before any minor issues turn into major problems. Among other things, the technician will check system functions and safety controls; inspect electrical components and connections; ensure proper airflow and change dirty air filters; and inspect pumps, lubricate and check flow rates, where appropriate.

Twice-A-Year Visits

Our technicians usually visit your Blacklick-area home twice a year (once before the cooling season and once before the heating season) to ensure everything is working properly. Another all-inclusive option is a lifetime PMA that includes the cost of all maintenance, repairs, components, emergency service and equipment replacement.

It is important to remember that warranties are different than PMAs. A warranty will only last for a certain amount of time and, sometimes, only apply to specific parts of the unit. If a part is not working and it’s still under warranty, the manufacturer will provide a free replacement part. However, since warranties do not cover labor, you will still be responsible for the installation costs.

Maintenance Tips

Manufacturers such as Comfortmaker point out that while it is important to have a service technician carefully inspect your unit to uncover any leaks, soot, rust, rotting parts, corroded electrical contacts and frayed wires, there are also a few simple maintenance tasks you can perform to improve your unit’s performance:

  • Clear debris away from intake and exhaust vents to ensure unobstructed airflow.
  • Check the thermostat wire entry point and, if necessary, apply caulk, so a draft won’t influence the thermostat reading.
  • Remove several supply and return registers to see if your ducts need to be cleaned. Vacuum the ducts to remove any dust or lint that is present.
  • Use an air conditioner cover to keep the coils free from dust and dirt when you are not using the cooling system during the winter months.
  • We recommend you have your air conditioner serviced each spring and fall (We happen to know someone who can perform that task for you).

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Save Money with Routine Maintenance

Contact our office to discuss details or make arrangements for an annual maintenance plan. You’ll save money from individual service calls in Blacklick and prevent catastrophic failure of your home’s precious heating and cooling equipment.

Visit our Appointment page or call Pickerington Heating & Cooling at (614) 837-4026 today to schedule an appointment.