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Make Your She-Shed Winterproof

If you have a she-shed, chances are you’re already making plans to spend some quality time tucked away inside, warm and cozy, during the cold weather months. Have you taken all the necessary steps to make sure it’s protected against the winter chill? Put these tips into play to weatherproof your she-shed and get it ready for winter: 

Make Sure to Insulate Your She-Shed’s Floors Properly 

While cold air in the form of drafts may not find its way into your she-shed, your floors can still rob you of the warm air inside. Temperature transference occurs when the heat inside your she-shed comes into contact with the cold, unprotected floor, which is usually either concrete or bare wood. The coldness emanates from the floor and cools off the air that comes into contact with it. This can affect the temperature inside your she-shed very quickly. 

Putting carpeting inside your she-shed is a bit different than doing so inside your home. You will first want to cover your floor with a sheet of heavy plastic. This is to guard against issues that may arise, such as leaks, which could damage your carpeting and the possessions you have inside. The plastic sheeting should be large enough to cover your entire floor up to a few inches from your walls. Following the plastic sheeting, place a piece of inexpensive material such as wool or cotton down on top of the plastic. This cloth should be the same size as the plastic, leaving a few inches between it and the edge of your floor. The extra room along the borders of your room are left in order to secure the final layer of carpet directly to the floor. The next layer will be a piece of inexpensive carpeting. This layer of carpet will not need to be attractive because it will not show. For this step, you want to go with something practical. Again, you will want this layer to be the same size as the previous layers you have put down, ending just a few inches away from the walls. 

When all of these layers are in place, you will be ready to install the stylish carpeting that will adorn the floor of your she-shed. This carpeting will not be nailed to your floor. It will be secured with heavy-duty Velcro at intervals around the perimeter of your floor. This is so that the carpeting can be pulled back easily should the need arise, such as if a leak or other issue occurs, and also to make it easy for you to change your carpeting should you desire to redecorate. The Velcro and your furnishings will keep your carpet in place perfectly. Your she-shed floor is now insulated against the cold so that the comfy, warm air inside is well-protected. 


Stop Drafts from Sneaking in Around your She-Shed’s Windows

The windows in your she-shed need to be protected against drafts and air leaks the same as the windows in your home are. Drafty, unsealed windows are a main source of heat loss during cold weather months. Before spending time in your she-shed this winter, you will need to get the windows properly sealed to keep out drafts. Weatherproofing kits can be purchased at your local department store or hardware store. These kits contain plastic sheeting, which is used to cover your windows on the inside. The plastic sheeting is held in place by thin strips of cardboard, which are nailed on top of the plastic sheeting all around your windowsill. You can also purchase kits that can be used with your blow dryer to seal the plastic along the edges of your window. This works as a sort of shrink wrap.  Another choice is spray foam insulation. Choose a good quality insulation and use it around the entire windowsill from top to bottom to seal out any drafts and to keep warm air from getting out. The foam insulation can be smoothed over and painted if you desire once it’s dry. You can also hide it with attractive curtains, which leads to the next suggestion: window treatments.

Whether you use window proofing kits, spray foam insulation, or a combination of the two, window treatments are a great addition. They not only make your she-shed look inviting and cozy, but they also help to block out cold air. Curtains, panels, blinds, and shades not only look nice, but they’re also very efficient when it comes to keeping your she-shed warm. Installing shutters on your windows will give them an added layer of protection against the elements. When the weather turns nasty, simply close the shutters to keep the freezing air, snow, and ice off your window panes so that the heat inside your she-shed will not be diminished when it comes into contact with your windows. 


Place Door Draft Stoppers Along Doorjambs 

Don’t forget to insulate the bottoms of your doors against cold drafts. You may not be able to see the space at the bottom of your door where air can creep in, but even the smallest amount of room can allow it inside and allow your heat to escape. Place a door draft stopper at the bottom of your door to stop the cold air in its tracks. 


Don’t Forget About Your She-Shed’s Walls and Ceiling 

Insulate the walls and ceiling inside your she-shed for complete protection from the elements. You can do this yourself or have it done by a professional. Insulation will keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside so that you can truly enjoy your private space in comfort. 


Contact Pickerington Heating and Cooling if you have any questions about protecting your she-shed and your home during the winter months. Our professional HVAC technicians are available to inspect your home’s system and provide a thorough cleaning to ensure that everything is working properly and is ready to keep you and your loved ones warm throughout the cold weather season. Call Pickerington Heating and Cooling today at 614-837-4026 or visit our website at  https://www.pickheat.com/appointments/