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Now’s the Ideal Time to Tune Up Your AC for Summer

For once, the groundhog was right. We’ve suffered through more than six additional weeks of winter since February 2. If you’re like me, you’re ready to open those windows and get some fresh air into the house, especially with the mild weather we’ve had recently.

AC Tune-Up and Checkout

After suffering from cabin fever from the extended winter weather, it’s a great time to open the windows and enjoy the mild weather and fresh air. It’s also a great time to enjoy virtually NO HVAC costs, thanks to not needing heating or AC yet. Before you know it, you’ll need your home’s AC system on a daily basis, but it’s important to get the system ready long before those hot and humid days of summer.

Our annual air conditioning tune up service, performed in spring, is the best way to prep your home’s AC system so it’s reliable and accurate for the entire summer. Ignore this important annual maintenance ritual, and it could be a costly mistake, both in the form of higher electric bills and expensive repairs.

Now is the Time to Schedule

If you haven’t had your AC serviced yet, we recommend you schedule an appointment right away. Getting your Air Conditioning tunes up now makes great sense, well before the high temperatures arrive, and when our technicians’ schedules aren’t yet pushed to its limit. Once summer arrives, along with the high heat and humidity, every HVAC contractor is extremely busy taking care of emergency repairs.

Why Should You Tune Up Your AC?

Really, any type of maintenance on your air conditioning has a direct return on investment. Following is a list of ways you can save by taking the initiative on AC maintenance:

Increase your AC system’s efficiency. A complete air conditioning tune-up and checkout involves cleaning, testing and adjusting critical components and the entire system to ensure peak efficiency when the hot weather arrives. As Air Conditioners are, they lose efficiency. Units that aren’t well-maintained become inefficient much more quickly. The key to managing your utility bills is maximizing your system’s efficiency, plus it helps your home get cool faster.

Avoid unexpected emergencies and service calls. Most system breakdowns can be completely avoided by taking advantage of a preventative maintenance program. If you maintain your AC system with an annual tune-up and checkout, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Tiny fixes prevent big problems. As you know, air conditioners are extremely complex systems. Small problems are easy to fix — when they’re small — but can quickly grow into big, expensive problems if left untended. Even when your air conditioner seems to be running along just fine, surprises can crop up. Keeping your system properly maintained with an annual tune-up and checkout will allow us to catch any problems early and save you headaches and dollars.

Allow your air conditioner the chance to live a long, fulfilling life. It’s a case of “pay me now or pay me later.” Not performing routine maintenance on your AC system can take its toll, shortening the useful life of the system. If you take care of your air conditioning properly, the opposite can happen: you can extend the life your AC unit, potentially saving you thousands in replacement costs during the years you own your home.

Plan Ahead for Replacement. Of course, no AC system lasts forever. Eventually, you’ll have to get your system replaced. When you have a professional HVAC technician checking the system each year, you can have the conversation about replacement well before it’s needed. You can plan for this event years in advance, and save up the cash to position yourself to take advantage of sales and cash discounts.

Put Your Trust in HVAC Professionals

There are some basic HVAC system maintenance tasks you can perform yourself, like routinely replacing your filters. When it comes to air conditioner tune-ups, it’s strictly a job for professionals.

There are so many things that can go wrong if an inexperienced consumer attempts to perform their own air conditioning tune-up. One of the simplest parts of the tune-up is cleaning the condenser, but we recommend leaving it to the pros to eliminate the chance of inadvertently damaging delicate coils and fins inside the system. Bent or damaged fins could hurt system performance. There’s also the chance of an accidental electrical shock for someone that doesn’t truly know their way around the system.

And having the keen eye of a professional HVAC tech to spot little problems that an uneducated consumer might not see, is worth its weight in gold. When you have your air conditioning system put through the paces with a tune-up and checkout by one of our licensed professionals, be sure to ask him about the conditioning and longevity of the system. How much more life does it have in it?

When it’s time to schedule your AC system Tune-Up and Checkout, use our convenient online schedule page or call one of our customer satisfaction specialists at (614) 837-4026 during our office hours, and we’ll get someone right out. But don’t wait — our busy season is coming soon!.