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Preparing For Winter

Getting Your Furnace Ready

Everyone who has lived through the winter season knows how harsh the weather can become, especially in Central Ohio. The first day of winter is just a week away, so this is a great time to get your equipment ready for the cold.

Before the winter season even comes, one must already know better and prepare the house. There are many things to consider for this season besides the holidays. An important thing to consider is the furnace for sufficient heating and circulation inside the house. This article can help you with your gas forced air furnace winter preparation.

What is a Gas Forced Air Furnace?

It is important to understand how this system works to learn how to prepare for it properly. The basic mechanisms of a gas forced furnace are that it is first heated by natural gas which comes from a main gas line.

After this, the natural gas pushes the heated air with the help of blowers through a centralized heating system which is a series of ductworks that is installed throughout the house. The forced heated air comes out through the vents at designated points inside the house. The temperature can be regulated at any time by a thermostat for the maximum comfort of the people inside the house. This type of furnace is one of the most commonly used in the Columbus area, and most of the midwest.

Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

Now that the operations of this type of furnace are understood, one can properly have gas forced air furnace winter preparation. One thing to check is the filters. Filters need to be checked carefully because they ensure that the forced air throughout the house is clean; also, the filter functions to protect the furnace and ensures good air flow.

Another thing to check carefully are the ducts and the vents. Always make sure that the ducts are properly sealed so that air circulation runs smoothly throughout the house and so that no leaks develop. Use duct tape or foil-backed tape to effectively seal the ducts. Also, check all the vents throughout the house to see if they are not blocked by anything; by doing so, the heated air flows more fluidly in the different parts of the house.

One important thing to check is the blowers. Check if the blower blades need any cleaning or if the motor is running smoothly or if there are any faulty wiring near the blower. If these are not properly checked the air will not be able to circulate throughout the house, so it is a must to check carefully and replace any faulty parts.

Winter Weather in Ohio Can Be… Brutal

It is always smarter to prepare for winter well in advance to prevent any discomfort when winter season comes. It will not hurt to look at the possible problem areas throughout the house and to do something about them. By thoroughly preparing the gas forced air furnace, one can be sure that the family will not experience any further discomfort from the harsh season.

These little things like looking at the furnace can save one on the cost having the heating system repaired if things get worse and will help the family enjoy the winter holidays by helping them be relaxed and cozy inside the house.