Remedies for Solving Uneven Home Heating Issues

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Remedies for Solving Uneven Home Heating Issues

Do you have problems with uneven heating in your home? Varying temperatures from room to room can be a serious issue. If there are multiple heating and cooling systems in your home, then you have a higher risk of experiencing uneven heating and cooling problems. Pickerington Heating & Cooling, located in Pickerington, Ohio, has 5 effective tips for correcting uneven heating issues in your home:



Remedies for Uneven Home Heating Issues in Pickerington, Ohio

Set Your Thermostat From “Auto” to “On”

If the temperature throughout your home varies, then switch or thermostat setting from “auto” to “on” so that air will circulate throughout your home even if the cooling cycle is off. With your HVAC system’s fan on, temperatures will be consistent in every room on each floor of your home.



Install a Zoning System

An HVAC zoning system evenly heats a house using one of two methods: dampers located in the ductwork that open and close to control airflow in specific areas of your house, and another method that involves installing small, individual heating units in various areas or “zones” of your house, with each one being controlled by a separate thermostat. This type of heating system will save you money on your utility bill by keeping the temperatures in your home regulated and uniform.


Have Heating Ducts Checked for Leaks

If there is a hole or separated seam in your HVAC system’s ductwork, the effect is going to be the same as having a hole in a straw. The flow will be disrupted and weakened, leading to uneven heating in some areas of your home. This type of damage will cause your HVAC system to become overworked as it tries to heat the house to the specified thermostat setting. If your system becomes overworked, then the motor will get overheated and cause serious, often irreparable damage to your HVAC system.



Keep Your Attic Properly Insulated

Making sure your attic has the proper amount of insulation and that it is in good condition is essential to evenly heat your home. Insulation keeps a home’s temperature consistent in both warm and cold weather conditions. Without a well-insulated attic, air will escape through the roof and cause issues with keeping a consistent temperature throughout the house. When this happens, your HVAC system will work too hard at trying to heat the house to the thermostat’s specification. This can cause the motor and your heating and cooling system to burn up, causing severe and possibly permanent damage to your heating system.


Make Sure Insulation is Effective

Sometimes homeowners think that as long as there is some insulation present in the attic, then their home is protected. However, if insulation is old or poor quality, it isn’t going to be effective. Measure the depth of the insulation in your attic and add to it if it is less than the recommended amount. If it is old or if it is not of good quality, have it replaced with new, more effective insulation.


Have a Professional HVAC Inspection

If you live in Pickerington, Ohio, or the surrounding area, contact Pickerington Heating & Cooling to schedule a professional HVAC inspection and cleaning at least once a year. If there is an issue with your HVAC system that is causing an uneven heating issue in your house, an inspection by one of our trained professional HVAC technicians will reveal the problem so that our technician can begin making repairs immediately.


Have a  Professional HVAC Cleaning

A thorough professional cleaning will remove and prevent clogs created by dust, dirt, and debris. If the air can’t flow freely through the ducts to all areas of your home, then the temperatures can become uneven.


Change Your Furnace’s Air Filter

In addition to professional care, make sure to show your HVAC system some TLC that will keep the air clean and healthy as it circulates throughout your home. Check your furnace’s air filter every 30 days and change it whenever it is dirty.


Wrapping It Up: Final Thoughts on Solving Uneven Home Heating Issues

Uneven heating problems in your home can be identified and corrected in order to make your home more comfortable. Change the setting on your thermostat from “auto” to “on” to keep air circulating throughout your home at all times. Consider installing a zoning system. Check air ducts for holes, spaces between connections, etc. Make sure your house has sufficient and effective insulation in the attic. Have a professional inspection and cleaning of your entire HVAC system performed by a licensed HVAC technician. 


The experts at Pickerington Heating & Cooling are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to meet all of your heating and cooling needs and to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 614-837-4026 or visit us online to schedule an appointment. We take pride in providing our customers with the very best HVAC service in the business.