Should Your Home in Columbus Ohio Include a Heat Pump?

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Should Your Home in Columbus Ohio Include a Heat Pump?

[codepeople-post-map][codepeople-post-map]Heat pumps are becoming more popular as the cost of energy climbs. Heat pumps can be a great source of heat and for some can be used as a primary heat or cooling source in their home. In Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas, however, the climate usually requires pairing a heat pump with an electric furnace to produce air warm enough to make humans comfortable in the winter. Combined with an electric furnace, this appliance can be an efficient way to tackle high heating bills.

What Do Heat Pumps Do?

Heat pumps perform a task similar to air conditioners: they pull warm air from inside the home and send it outside. In an extremely warm area a heat pump may not be able to pull a sufficient amount of warm air out and an additional cooling source may be needed. This is not the case in the central Ohio area.

In the winter, heat pumps draw in exterior air to heat a home. They extract warm air out of the outside air and then pump that air into the home. In areas where winters are mild a heat pump can provide enough heat so that no other heating source is necessary. In a cold environment like Columbus, a heat pump may not be able to pull enough warm air to provide sufficient heat.

Newer, High-Efficiency Heat Pumps in Columbus

Newer models of heat pumps offer great features that make then even more inviting. Many new models feature added energy efficiency and more reliability than past models. An alternative is “ground source” models that pull heat from the ground instead of the air. These models provide a more constant temperature as ground temperatures tend to be quite a bit more stable than air temperatures. Some models include a storage unit, so when the pump pulls more air than is needed it is stored and used when needed. This allows the heat pump to be more efficient and provide a better heat source for a longer duration. Most heat pumps are operated like a typical furnace, using a thermostat that allows the homeowner to control the temperature.

Heat pumps have been around for about 40 years but are just now gaining in popularity. They are proving to be a stable heat source that can save substantial money on heating and energy bills. Heat pumps are being manufactured with more and more features that are making them more efficient and comparable to other heating sources.

The key to using a heat pump in your home is to understand the limitations, especially for an Ohio environment, and pairing one with an electric furnace. A heat pump can really be a great addition and a superior choice for a homeowner wishing to save on energy costs.