Time to Get the Air Conditioning in Top Shape for Summer

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Time to Get the Air Conditioning in Top Shape for Summer

Get your AC into top shape for summer

Just like getting into swimsuit shape before summer, your home’s air conditioning system needs a little help in the Spring.

The summer heat has yet to arrive. The hottest days will be here before you know it. Do you think your air conditioning system will cool as effectively as it did last year? Will your first summertime energy bill be more or less compared to last year? The answer to both questions is to have your AC system tuned before the real heat hits.

Even if every part of your air conditioning seems to be running fine, it’s important to have your AC system tuned and checked at least once annually. A once-a-year tune-up can save you money in both the short and long term:

  • Avoid emergency repairs by replacing worn out parts before they cause expensive damage
  • Safety Improvement We check and repair worn, frayed or loose wiring, capacitors and contacts that could potentially cause a fire or damage the electronic components of your HVAC
  • Lifespan Extension of Your Air Conditioner We fix small problems before they turn into big problems, saving your money and giving your system a longer life.
  • Improve Energy Efficiency We clean your condenser coils, improving their function and saving energy.

Our AC Tune-Up and Checkout includes a complete cleaning and inspection of the entire system and its parts. This includes a coolant level check, adjusting the thermostat, lubricating moving parts, motor testing with our industry standard tools, checking fans, and checking and adjusting belts.

We provide a detailed report that includes any recommended maintenance or needed repairs to keep your system running at peak efficiency.

Filters are Important, Too

Changing your HVAC filters at regular intervals should be a regular practice in your home. Some require replacement as frequently as monthly, others every other month. If you don’t maintain your filters yourself, our HVAC technician can show you where they’re located and how you can change them.

We are more than happy to explain the various types of filters available that are compatible with your HVAC system. If you are currently using cheap, disposable fiberglas filters, you just might find better performance and value with these alternatives:

  • Pleated Paper Filters contain more filtration material and a slightly different design than fiberglass filters. Their design allows filtration of smaller particles from the air. This type of filter is optimal for homes with people who are more sensitive to allergens (or have asthma). Unfortunately, they can make the air conditioner work a little harder to move the air, and can possibly contribute to increased wear and tear.
  • Electrostatic Filters are reusable, washable filters that save you from the cost of monthly replacement. They work by using a static charge to attract microscopic particles that fiberglass filters don’t catch.
  • Electronic Filters are the most expensive option for your HVAC system, but they are also the most efficient and effective. They create an electric field that attracts airborne particles magnetically. These types of filters are an important part of a robust indoor air quality system.

If you haven’t schedule your air conditioning system tune-up and checkout yet this spring, take a moment to call Pickerington Heating & Cooling at 614-837-4026 or use our convenient online scheduling page to book an appointment for one of our expert HVAC technicians to visit.