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Heat pumps are centralized forced-air systems that operate effectively as a heat source and an A/C. As such, they have major benefits for homeowners looking for an alternative type of climate control that’s energy-efficient and affordable.

When this type of HVAC unit breaks down, it’s especially inconvenient all year-round since it heats and cools your home. That’s why we make our Heat Pump repair available year-round, even for emergencies after-hours, on weekends, or holidays. We’ll get your heat pump back up and running so it can keep your home warm (or cool) when you need it! Trust the experts at Pickerington Heating & Cooling for your next Heat Pump Repair needs!

What is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are centralized forced-air systems that operate effectively as both an A/C and a heat source. As such, they have major benefits for homeowners looking for an alternative type of climate control that’s energy efficient and affordable.

How They Work

A heat pump in heating mode operates just like in cooling mode, except that the flow of refrigerant is reversed by the aptly named reversing valve. The flow reversal means that the heating source becomes the outside air (even when outdoor temperatures are low) and the heat energy is released inside the home. The outside coil now has the function of an evaporator, and the indoor coil now has the role of the condenser.

The physics of the process are the same. Heat energy is absorbed in the outdoor unit by cool liquid refrigerant, turning it into cold gas. Pressure is then applied to the cold gas, turning it to hot gas. The hot gas is cooled in the indoor unit by passing air, heating the air and condensing the gas to warm liquid. The warm liquid is relieved of pressure as it enters the outdoor unit, turning it to cool liquid and renewing the cycle. (Source)

Heat Pump Repair Services in Pickerington, OH

Common Heat Pump Repairs

Homeowners having problems with their heat pumps in the central Ohio area have a company they can count on — a fast, affordable HVAC company that’s time tested and customer-driven with proven results. We’ve put together a guide of the Top Reason for Heat Pump Repair:

Ice Formation and Frost

When it’s cold outside, heat pumps use an outdoor coil to release heat. If you are seeing a layer of frost forming on your heat pump, you should remove it and keep an eye on it. If it continues forming and is left unchecked, it can turn into a layer of ice that can cause problems. Because heat pumps should be defrosting on their own, running a defrosting cycle, ice formation is a problem that should be handled professionally. Otherwise, it puts a lot of stress on the system and over time this causes damage that can result in a breakdown.

Refrigerant Leak

Like an air conditioning system, heat pumps utilize refrigerants to move heat from one place to another. Because these refrigerants are such a vital part of the operation, if the system develops a refrigerant leak of some kind, it can cause damage and additional problems. Low refrigerant levels prevent heat pumps from doing their job and absorbing heat and transferring it, which can damage the system’s compressor. Because compressors are among the most expensive parts to replace and the job is evasive, refrigerant leaks should be taken seriously. 

Defective Reversing Valve

Reversing valves enable users to switch from the heat pump’s “cooling mode” during the summer to its “heating mode” when it gets cold outside. Because this “reversing valve” can become defective or break, heat pumps can get stuck on one particular setting, or mode. If that happens, if you can’t switch back and forth from heating to cooling or cooling to heating, give us a call and we can replace it and have your heat pump back online in no time.

Electrical Issues

Heat pumps, like air conditioners, use electricity to power the system’s fans and compressors. Because of this, the equipment can develop electrical problems in wiring or circuitry and it can affect the fan motor’s operation. If you’re having an electrical problem, give us a call as soon as possible because electrical work should be handled by an HVAC technician for safety reasons.

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