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Residential Air Conditioner Repair, Maintenance & Installation in Pickerington, OH

Whether your air conditioning equipment is on its last leg and needs to be serviced, or if you’re looking for a reputable AC technician to conduct seasonal maintenance, we at Pickerington Heating & Cooling are happy to offer any and all of the cooling services a homeowner could need for their air conditioner or heat pump at competitive prices with online deals and fast and easy financing options.

We’re the number one choice in Pickerington, OH for air conditioner repair, a/c tune-ups, and air conditioner installation and replacement services. Give your friends at Pickerington Heating & Cooling call today to schedule cooling services!

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Cooling System Services

When the weather starts to warm up in central Ohio, homeowners need to begin checking to make sure their residential air conditioners and heat pumps are ready for the truly hot and humid summer days that lay ahead. Schedule cooling system services with us today!

HVAC Repair in Pickerington, OH

A/C Repair

Does your A/C need to be repaired to restore cool, crisp air in your home? Learn more about our A/C Repair services!

HVAC Repair in Pickerington, OH

A/C Maintenance

Ready for routine A/C maintenance? Learn more about the benefits, our A/C tune-ups and our maintenance agreement.

HVAC Repair in Pickerington, OH

A/C Installation

Time to upgrade or replace your A/C? We have a number of top-HVAC brands to choose from. Learn more today!

HVAC Repair in Pickerington, OH

Heat Pump Repair

Broken heat pump? We can fix it, no matter the make, model or age! Learn more about our Heat Pump Repair services today.

HVAC Repair in Pickerington, OH

Heat Pump Maintenance

Does your heat pump need a tune-up? Learn more about the benefits of maintenance and our maintenance agreement.

HVAC Repair in Pickerington, OH

Heat Pump Installation

Time to replace your existing heat pump or install a new one? We have a number of brands to choose from. Learn more today!

Online Deals

Featured Deal: A/C Tune-Up + Check Out

Protect the system that keeps your family cool and comfortable all summer long by scheduling regular A/C maintenance services from a trusted HVAC professional at Pickerington Heating & Cooling. Our technicians would be happy to perform an A/C Tune-Up + Check Out! Claim this deal today!

$69 A/C Tune-Up + Check Out

$69 A/C Tune-Up + Check Out

Save $30 | Regular $99
On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
  • Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

    Never Miss a Maintenance Appointment

    To avoid unpleasant heating system problems, we suggest taking advantage of our Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) to have maintenance performed before each season every year. Our SMAs are our way of helping our customers get the most efficiency out of their heating system, enhancing its performance and increasing its lifespan, while substantially decreasing the threat of unexpected problems down the road. The following is a list of some of the things we do during heating system maintenance:

    • Check, clean and adjust ignition/pilot assembly
    • Cleaning your fan’s blower motor on indoor unit
    • Confirm you have proper and adequate ventilation
    • Testing furnace for carbon monoxide and gas leaks
    • Inspect safety controls, switches, and motors to confirm proper function
    • Checking system for code violations and safety risks
    • Check and test function and setting on indoor unit fan motor
    • and more!

    Air Conditioning Repair Services in Pickerington, OH

    Common A/C Repairs

    We hope you and your family are staying cool in your relaxing homes this summer. We at Pickerington Heating & Cooling highlight 4 common air conditioner repairs we make throughout the summer season:

    No Power to Air Conditioner

    This is the most obvious problem to diagnose. This could be due to faulty wiring, a tripped breaker, or an overheated AC that has shut itself off. Our technicians can fix the wiring, reset the circuit breaker, and make sure nothing is blocking airflow to the outdoor unit.

    Worn Out Fan Belt

    Any squealing sounds are a cause for concern since it could indicate the fan belt is wearing out. If the belt snaps before a professional can replace it, the repair could end up being far more expensive.

    Refrigerant Leak

    High-pitched hissing sounds or pools of liquid are sure signs of refrigerant leakage. Our technicians will not only recharge the A/C system but also replace the tubing to prevent the leak from continuing.

    Clogged Condensate Drains

    Vegetation, dirt, and other debris can clog the condensate drain over time, potentially leading to water damage. Our service technicians can flush the system and apply a treatment to help prevent future clogs.

    Pickerington Heating & Cooling

    Home Cooling Efficiency Tips

    We at Pickerington Heating & Cooling hope your family enjoys a relaxing summer in your comfortable sanctuary, tucked away from Ohio’s heat. To add to that comfort, we present some money-saving tips to keep your home cool for less money while increasing the life of your home cooling system:

    1.) Utilize Window Coverings

    Use your windows to keep out the heat by installing window coverings to prevent heat gain through your windows during the day. Find out about window treatments and coverings that can improve energy efficiency.

    2.) Seal Cracks and Openings

    Keep that hot air from the outside from leaking inside by sealing cracks and openings in your home, utilizing caulk and weather stripping while keeping your home’s insulation up to par.

    3.) Set Your Thermostat Properly

    Keep your home warmer than normal while you are away, and lower the thermostat setting once you return home and need cooling. One of our smart thermostat upgrades will do this for you automatically without losing the slightest bit of comfort.

    We Service all Brands of HVAC Equipment


    Installation is Quick & Easy

    If new system installation is something you’re considering, it is essential to hire a certified, reputable contractor like Pickerington Heating & Cooling to perform the job the right way, as HVAC systems are major investments and the installation needs to be performed in a precise way. We are an Amana Advantage Specialist, and we'd be happy to set you up with a high-efficiency Amana Brand® system, among other quality brands we carry.

    We'll start by disposing of your old HVAC equipment in a responsible manner. Then, we’ll begin installation according to which package you’ve chosen. We're often able to complete installations within one service call. We’ll reconnect the ductwork, calibrate the new system controls, and perform tests on the new system to ensure everything is 100% working order. We’ll be sure to clean up after ourselves and be on our way — leaving you and your family more satisfied than when we arrived!

    Financing Options

    We Have HVAC Financing Available

    Looking for financing assistance on your next HVAC repair or installation service? We at Pickerington Heating & Cooling have teamed up with Wells Fargo and Carrier® to present a Carrier® Credit Card. Learn more about this offer today!

    Pickerington Heating & Cooling

    How can we help you?

    We're standing by 24/7, ready to answer all of your questions or dispatch emergency services to your home. Give us a call at (614) 837-4026 or submit our online contact form.


    Pickerington Heating & Cooling is proud to be part of a network of highly-rated home services companies throughout the Midwest. Learn more →

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    Pickerington Heating & Cooling is proud to be part of a network of highly-rated home services companies throughout the Midwest. Learn more →

    Five Star Group