Heating Maintenance Services in Pickerington, OH

High-Quality Furnace Maintenance Services in Pickerington, OH

When it comes to promoting our preventative maintenance services, we are committed to giving our customers a more complete understanding that’s in line with our values. Having one of our friendly certified professionals perform tune-up services on your furnace will greatly reduce the chances of unexpected problems surfacing during the colder months of the year (when reputable HVAC companies are swamped with either repairing or installing furnaces).

However, what makes seasonal maintenance even more appealing is that when it’s performed regularly, it will drastically increase the lifespan of your furnace, boosting its level of efficiency which will reduce your monthly heating costs and keep your home safer. In the end, ultimately, if you have a new furnace, remember that regular maintenance is required to keep your warranty valid. Schedule Furnace Maintenance services with Pickerington Heating & Cooling today!

Furnace Maintenance Services in Pickerington, OH

Top Reasons Why Maintenance is Essential

Being regular or consistent with having preventative maintenance performed is a furnace’s best friend. Below are our Top Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance is Essential:

Lowers Your Heating Costs

Inside the unit and outside, dust and dirt builds up and causes issues. After a while, this hinders the system’s efficiency and its performance capacity, as it will start to need more fuel than before to keep up. By properly maintaining your expensive heating equipment, you are able to avoid this increase in costs, which only gets worse as time goes on. You could say a furnace that’s cared for is loved, and a loved furnace runs at its best, as it should. And you can count on that system to share that love right back with you in heating cost relief.

Because Safety Comes First

Because most of the residential furnaces we work on are fueled by natural gas, we have to emphasize the importance of safety. Furnaces that burn natural gas are far, far more unpredictable and they can be dangerous when they aren’t being inspected on a routine schedule. During a furnace maintenance inspection, our technicians check your gas line and heat exchanger to see if there’s any carbon monoxide issues. If you have an electric furnace, this doesn’t mean you are immune to safety hazards. Wiring can often be a safety concern when it comes to electric furnaces. Bad wiring can cause electrical fires and other problems.

Prevents Bigger Problems

A lot of homeowners don’t know this. However, an estimated 85 percent of the repairs we do to furnaces could have been prevented with maintenance. Those homeowners who understand this best are usually advocates of having us perform it on schedule every fall, as it saves them time, money, and headaches down the road. Take advantage of our 12-Month Service Maintenance Agreement today!

Maintaining Your Warranty

Whenever we install a new furnace, the equipment’s manufacturer extends a warranty and requires the customer to have regular maintenance performed by a certified professional to keep this warranty valid and active. If a customer fails to do so, or neglects having it done for even a single season, the warranty becomes worthless. After that, if something happens, the customer is stuck in a bad position, having to pay for repairs and replacement parts on a newer system out of their own pocket. Ask us about our warranty on repairs and installations!

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