Heat Pump Maintenance in Pickerington, OH

Pickerington, OH Air Conditioner Maintenance & Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

Even though we make repairs on home cooling systems all the summer throughout central Ohio, we would much rather a customer avoid unexpected problems, to begin with. By conducting maintenance on your A/C in the spring, we can make this possible because almost 95 percent of all A/C repairs come about from problems that could have been prevented with proper maintenance. Maintenance is an extremely affordable and cost-effective way to prevent the need for emergency repairs.

According to the Department of Energy, The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters. Clogged, dirty filters reduce the amount of airflow and significantly reduce a system’s efficiency. In addition, when airflow is obstructed, air can bypass the filter and deposit dirt directly into the evaporator coil and impair the coil’s heat-absorbing capacity. Replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

If your air conditioner is ready for routine maintenance in Pickerington, OH, call the experts at Pickerington Heating & Cooling to perform an A/C Tune-Up + Check Out! Schedule A/C Maintenance services today! Check out our Whole Home Protect Plans!

A/C Maintenance Services in Pickerington, OH

DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance for Pickerington Homeowners

Keep Space Clear

Maintain a clear and open space around the outdoor unit to ensure proper airflow. Remove any encroaching weeds, or plant life, and debris from the area around your unit and especially near the outdoor intake and exhaust vents. A general rule of thumb for things growing around this area is to keep a clear three-foot radius.

Clean Your A/C

Straighten A/C fins and wash them with a hose. A/C fins are the metallic webs that are on the outside unit. They are designed to keep the dirt and debris outside the unit and while enabling proper airflow through it. Because these fins easily become dirty or even get damaged, they sometimes need to be cleaned or straightened. For the latter, you can purchase a tool called a fin comb. Because fins are made out of thin slices of metal pieces, they can get bent very easily, and this is bad for airflow from the condenser unit. If this area is too bent up, give us a call!

Change Your Air Filters

Change your system’s air filters often. Changing your AC filter on a regular basis is one of the most basic and yet vital things you need to do for your AC, and yet it is among the most neglected and overlooked. Forgetting to change your AC filter can be an expensive error. Throughout the summertime, your AC’s air filter should be checked about once a month. During an average summer, it’ll need to be replaced at least a couple of times.

Utilize A/C Covers

When the winter months arrive, and you’re long done using your AC, use a cover to protect your equipment and coils from falling ice and other winter weather wear and tear while the system isn’t being used. This cover doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, and it shouldn’t be air tight so do not use tarp. Ideally, a trash can lid or piece of plywood cut to size would work well. You can secure either of these down with a bungee cord

Cooling Services

Home Cooling Efficiency Tips for Pickerington, OH Homeowners

We at Pickerington Heating & Cooling hope your family enjoys a relaxing summer in your comfortable sanctuary, tucked away from Ohio’s heat. To add to that comfort, we present some money-saving tips to keep your home cool for less money while increasing the life of your home cooling system:

1.) Utilize Window Coverings

Use your windows to keep out the heat by installing window coverings to prevent heat gain through your windows during the day. Find out about window treatments and coverings that can improve energy efficiency.

2.) Seal Cracks and Openings

Keep that hot air from the outside from leaking inside by sealing cracks and openings in your home, utilizing caulk and weather stripping while keeping your home’s insulation up to par.

3.) Set Your Thermostat Properly

Keep your home warmer than normal while you are away, and lower the thermostat setting once you return home and need cooling. One of our smart thermostat upgrades will do this for you automatically without losing the slightest bit of comfort.

Cooling Tips in Pickerington, OH

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